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Restless Heart Forum Rules & Guidelines

Started by Ammy, Jan 08, 2023, 06:54 PM

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Restless Hearts Forums General Guidelines


Restless Hearts is a silly forum for those who may be tired of social media and missing the classic style forum experience to engage with others online. There is no particular focus with the forum. It is simply there in whatever state it might exist in when you happen upon it.

Our Staff:


General Code of Conduct

1. Be kind.

There is little patience here for bigotry. Be respectful to others, and willing to learn. Like wise trolling, flaming, or any other form of harassment isn't welcome. Use common sense and take advantage of the block feature if you cannot get over any disagreements you have with others.

2. Do not promote anything that is harmful/illegal.

It should go without saying that doing things that are inherently harmful to yourself or others is unwelcome. As is any gesture of using this forum to promote or otherwise carry out or commit criminal activity.

3. Do not spam.

Avoid making frequent posts that are off topic. Topics, and replies should go on relevant boards and topics respectively. Avoid lots of one worded replies. Posting for the soul purpose and intent to promote other websites is also not allowed.

4. Do not impersonate anyone.

Please do not join to impersonate anyone else. Accounts that are made to seemingly have the sole purpose to do this may be de-activated, banned, or deleted.

5. Do not ask to be a mod/admin.

I will pick staff out myself, and as I see a need for it. Please do not ask to be made a mod or admin.

6. You are responsible for your own accounts!

Any action taken by your account is grounds for revoking privileges to the forum and will be assumed to be done by the owner. Therefore, you shouldn't share your username and password with anyone else. It is the user's responsibility to secure access to their own account.

7. Admins/Mods have the final say.

If you're asked to discontinue a behavior by a member of the staff team do not argue with them. If you take serious issue with the action taken PM me directly. However, that isn't an invitation to start whatever argument you may have held with me anew.